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AJAX vs XML – Milenio Plus Web Integration

At 2020 WordPress we use Milenio Plus AJAX API to provide the latest integration technology to display Milenio Plus properties on your website.

Defining Ajax (for the techies amongst you)

Ajax isn’t a technology. It’s really several technologies, each flourishing in its own right, coming together in powerful new ways. Ajax incorporates:

The advantages of using AJAX API in simple lay-man terms is outlined below.

XML: Add own listings via your website admin
AJAX: Everything is done through your Milenio Plus account. No more synchronization problems.  Your website is ALWAYS up-to-date.

XML: SEO can be improved on ALL pages including every single listing
AJAX: Allows you to do the same AND make unlimited number of landing pages in NO-TIME ….. GREAT FOR SEO.

XML: Change provider at any time & keep your existing website
AJAX: 2020 allows you to switch between Resales Online, Milenio Plus or any other Multi Listing Service (MLS) that supports AJAX.

XML: Inbound feeds from multiple providers – national & international
AJAX: Stick with one provider for a uniform user experience – avoid duplication and double cost.

XML: You manage which listings appear on your website
AJAX: and so can you with 2020 websites and besides that, both Resales Online, Milenio Plus and most other MLS systems offer that flexibility as a standard feature from their end.

XML: Admin access to all listings – improve SEO titles, descriptions & listing images
AJAX: Unless you want to change thousands of properties this is not a good idea and has no real impact on SEO. Instead make SEO FRIENDLY landing pages.

XML: Listing updates every 24 hours
AJAX: Listing updates ARE instant

In  short: why use XML when there is AJAX?